LeBron James has a brand-new teammate who is certainly going to interject some energy and accountability into the team. Of course, that man is none other than Patrick Beverley, who is known for being one of the best defensive menaces in the entire NBA.

While the Lakers already have a point guard in Russell Westbrook, there is no denying that Beverley is a player who will have opposing offenses scratching their heads all while getting technical fouls in frustration. He makes the Lakers a lot more fun, and we think LeBron understands that given just how bad his team was last season.

Ben Jackson/Getty Images

Today, the Lakers had their media day and LeBron got to see firsthand just how funny Beverley can be. While speaking to Chris Haynes, LeBron was made aware that when asked about his favorite LeBron play, Beverley referenced his very own block on the NBA legend.

LeBron couldn’t help but laugh at Beverley’s answer, all while asking “What’s wrong with Pat, man? He got issues.”

This is a question that various other players have wanted the answer to. Unfortunately, we probably won’t get any clarity, any time soon.

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