Tokyo Toni Goes Off On LGBTQ Community, "I Don't Like Transgenders"

Tokyo threw shots at Saucy Santana for being feminine with a beard.

BYLawrencia Grose
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Tokyo Toni might be known for her deleterious relationship with her daughter, Blac Chyna, but she's managed to make a name for herself in other ways. The 50-year-old has gotten a taste of virality multiple times throughout the years. From arguing on reality television to going on rants about different topics on social media, she has seen her fair share of headlines.

The mother of one, whose real name is Shalana Hunter, recently went on a tirade about the LGBTQ+ community. While driving in her car, Tokyo stated, "Whew! Cross-sex hormones. Give kids hormones then turn them into some f*ggots." She continued by adding that "home training is everything," insinuating that not having a present father results in confusion for children.

"They get rid of the man out of the house so that this f*ggot sh*t can go on," she emphasized. She claimed that "real" men wouldn't allow their children to do certain things, using the example, "'Oh, Bobby, leave him alone. He's playing with a doll; it's okay.'"

Honing in on the subject, Tokyo stated that if your child is transgender, it's because you didn't teach them anything. "They're supposed to hide that sh*t. Just like they were hiding that 'coming out of the closet' sh*t."

She then used a prominent LGBTQ+ artist as an example-- Saucy Santana, who has been very open about his sexuality and always advocates for his community. "Like that Santana person. You're running around talking about some 'Walk, Walk,' with a full beard and mustache and hair wig," she said to the camera.

She ended her rant by saying that she dislikes transgender people and doesn't wish to be around them.

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