Dennis Rodman has been known to go on International peacekeeping missions in the past. Of course, just a few years ago, Rodman went down to North Korea where he got to meet Kim Jong-Un. The meeting reportedly went very well, and the two are now friends. It is certainly an odd friendship, to say the least, but it just goes to show that you can find common ground in unlikely places.

Recently, Rodman revealed that he now had plans to go down to Russia where he would meet with Vladimir Putin in a bid to get Brittney Griner out of jail early. The United States is already negotiating a prisoner swap, so it was odd that Rodman was throwing his hat into the ring like this.

Dennis Rodman Changes Course On Brittney Griner Russia Trip
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Well, according to TMZ, it looks like Rodman isn’t going anymore. The former NBA star has backed out of his trip as United States officials immediately labeled Rodman’s plan as a bad idea. It was felt that Rodman could actually make the ongoing negotiations worse and that if he were to go, it would not be on behalf of the government. With all of this in mind, Rodman made the sound decision to pause the trip.

With Rodman’s involvement out of the way, the government is still working on getting Griner home. There is no timetable for her release right now, but it seems like it could happen soon, as long as both sides negotiate in good faith.

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Dennis Rodman Changes Course On Brittney Griner Russia Trip
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