Chris Brown Offers To "Raise Awareness About Domestic Abuse" In Australia

Chris Brown is willing to speak out on domestic abuse if he is allowed entry to Australia.

BYTrevor Smith
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Australian authorities currently deciding whether or not to allow Chris Brown across the border to tour. The singer's well-documented history of domestic abuse has been cited as the reason for the discussion, and Brown is doing his best to show the nation he's a changed man.

The singer spoke out on Twitter, offering to speak on the issue publicly. "I would be more than grateful to come to Australia to raise awareness about domestic violence.Im not the pink elephant in the room anymore," he wrote.

"My life mistakes should be a wake up call for everyone," he said. "Showing the world that mistakes don't define you. Trying to prevent spousal abuse," unfortunately pulling the victim card before actually mentioning the real issue at hand.

He ended with a point about the influence of pop culture icons, writing, "The youth don't listen to parents nor do they listen to PSA's. The power that we have as Entertainers can change lives."

View his tweets below. Will his offer effect the outcome of the decision.

Chris Brown Offers To "Raise Awareness About Domestic Abuse" In Australia
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