Tory Lanez says that he faced backlash while working on his Chixtape series for using the same sampling techniques that are commonplace now. The Canadian rapper explained his opinion on the matter in a tweet on Tuesday.

“It’s crazy … 6 years ago n****s got mad at me cuz I would SAMPLE all the records that it Was NOT OKAY TO SAMPLE on the CHIXTAPES!” he wrote. “Now I look up to a whole Generation of artist doing EXACTLY what I was doin .. chopping old Rnb/Pop samples and updating it to NOW sound.”

Tory Lanez Reflects On "Chixtapes" Influence, Says New Artists Are "Doing EXACTLY What I Was Doin"
Manny Carabel / Getty Images

While Lanez didn’t specify who he was referring to, many artists have followed a similar sampling style such as Jack Harlow and Erica Banks. Harlow’s “First Class” off of his new album, Come Home The Kids Miss You, heavily samples Fergie’s hit “Glamorous.” Banks, comparably, used Nelly’s “Hot in Herre” for her track, “Buss It,” which went on to become her first charting single.

The first Chixtape was released back in 2011, with Lanez building on that foundation by releasing five total entries throughout the decade. The latest entry, Chixtape 5, was released in 2019 and peaked at number 2 on the US Billboard 200. Lanez has said that it is his best work in the entire series, slightly edging out Chixtape 2.

“Chixtape 5 had to take the number one spot,” he admitted to HNHH during an interview in 2019. “Just because of how great it is, and the production, and just the surprises and what happens and the ride that it takes you on. Musically, as a consumer, I think the experience of Chixtape 5 is probably the best experience. The story concludes a little bit but also doesn’t end.”

As for which tracks Lanez samples on Chixtape 5, some of the noteworthy uses include Chris Brown’s “Take You Down,” Ashanti’s “Foolish,” T-Pain’s “I’m Sprung,” and more.

Check out Lanez’s latest tweet below.