DC Young Fly Says Chris Tucker Wants Him To Play His Son On "Last Friday" Movie

Chris Tucker says he'll join the "Last Friday" cast under one condition.

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For years there have been rumors that another installment of the Friday movie was in the works. However, there have been several hiccups in its actual production.

Key actors from the comedy films have passed like John Witherspoon, who played Ice Cube's father, Tommy Lister Jr., known as his character Debo, and Anthony Johnson, who was Ezel. Their unfortunate deaths resulted in fans becoming hesitant about a new film. Many felt that the movie should remain an untouched classic.

Another reason the movie has been stalled is that Chris Tucker, who played the iconic Smokey, did not want to participate in any sequels. The reason being is because he claimed he didn't "want to represent everyone smoking weed." However, it seems that the 50-year-old actor has had a change of heart.

DC Young Fly Says Chris Tucker Wants Him To Play His Son On "Last Friday" Movie
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In an episode of Club Shay Shay, the podcast with Shannon Sharpe, comedian DC Young Fly spilled some news regarding the 27-year-old film. Sharpe, former NFL player, brought up the film by stating how nobody can portray the Smokey character like DC. The Wild 'N Out star interrupted the host and stated, "I ain't supposed to say this, but I'm gonna say it anyway because we're getting old. I don't care. Chris Tucker, out his mouth, told me-- literally this year... He said, if I play his son, he'll be in the movie."

While this seems promising, there is one more obstacle to overcome in order for the film to come to the big screens. Last July, it was reported that Warner Bros. refused to surrender the rights to the movie to Ice Cube, claiming he was too distracted with other projects.

Are you here for DC joining to Friday franchise? Watch the entire interview below.


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