Yung Bleu Credits DeMarcus Cousins For Setting Up Drake's Feature On "You're Mines Still"

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Collage featuring Yung Bleu & DeMarcus Cousins
Yung Bleu details the story of how DeMarcus Cousins got Drake to appear on "You're Mines Still."

One of the biggest, if not the biggest, songs of Yung Bleu's career is the Drake-assisted "You're Mines Still," and while hardcore fans of the Mobile, Alabama rapper and singer may know this already, DeMarcus Cousins was instrumental in breaking that record.

In a recent appearance on Million Dollaz Worth of Game, Yung Bleu broke down the entire story behind his top 20 Billboard Hot 100 hit, detailing DeMarcus Cousins' A&R skills and how he missed a FaceTime call from Drizzy himself.

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"Boogie — he from my city, and [him and Drake] are close. When I had dropped my EP, Boogie was just like, 'Man, that "You're Mine's Still" goes hard. I can hear Drake on that,'" the Moon Boy artist recalled. "I'm like, 'Me too!' I can hear Drake on anything. I wasn't really thinking like it was gon' happen or nothing like that. I was just like, 'Send it to him, see what he say.' He was like 'I'll send it to him, bet.'"

"A week go by, I'm just chilling at my house recording," Yung Bleu continued. "Look at my phone, and I see Drake in my DM. He's like 'Boogie sent me the song, send it to me.' I stopped what I'm doing, opened a verse, and sent it to him. I had waited a few hours. I was trying to stay up, but I had done went to sleep."

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After all the hard work that DeMarcus Cousins had put into connecting Drake and Yung Bleu, the young artist had missed a life-changing FaceTime call from Drake himself.

"I had missed the FaceTime call when I went to sleep. I wake up the next morning thinking I just fucked up. I'm like damn, man," Yung Bleu explained. "I had waited the same time the next night cause I was like, 'Oh, this nigga be up late.' So I had waited the same time the next day and FaceTimed him. He was in the Rolls Royce, licking his lips. I was like, 'You did the song?' He was like, 'Yeah, I'm finna send it now.'" He sent it, and it's history."

Watch Yung Bleu retell the story in detail, in a clip reposted by DJ Akademiks, below.

If it weren't for DeMarcus Cousins' strong ties to his hometown and his friendship with Drake, there's no telling if "You're Mines Still" would have ever become the undeniable hit that it is today.

Revisit Yung Bleu and Drake's two-times-platinum collab, "You're Mines Still" below and let us know in the comments if you were shocked to learn that DeMarcus Cousins played such a major role in connecting the Toronto and Mobile, Alabama artists. 

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