Kevin Gates Posts Up With Jojo Zarur While Delivering Ominous Threat

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Kevin Gates
The rapper had an intense message for a "tough guy" who has been thumb thuggin'. "I'm all the way out here," says Gates.

They are keeping the rumor mill buzzing with their latest video, and Kevin Gates is having fun teasing the public about his situationship with Jojo Zarur. Many of Gates's fans are familiar with the rapper being with his wife Dreka, but in recent months, there have been rumors that suggested the pair have called it quits. The Gates' would often share moments from their personal lives online, including raising animals on their farm. However, when the Lousiana spitter was filmed with his arm around Love & Hip Hop Miami star Jojo Zarur, the internet lit up with questions.

Zarur found herself receiving hateful messages from thumb thuggers and in return, it looked as if Gates came to her defense. He then added fuel to the fire and dropped a freestyle where he suggested that his marriage was a wrap while delivering explicit bars about several women in the industry.

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Gates and Zarur are back and showing that their connection is stronger than ever. In a video, Gates pulled out a few jokes with the reality star by his side.

"Why do you have DMs from all these tough guys babe," Gates said in his best nerd-trying-to-be-hard voice. Zarur is heard laughing off-camera. Gates added, "One day I'm gonna be really, really famous and I'm gonna have a buncha security guards with me. You'll see, you just watch." Then, his tone changed and things became intense.

"'Til then, I'm all the way out here. You know I'm all the way out here." It seems like Gates was referencing a specific person because he shared a story about pressing someone in their dressing room by telling them to keep his name out of their mouth. The rapper also said that his targets should be careful, because "hurt people hurt people," and he's "f*cking destroyed on the inside."

It's an ominous message that you don't want to be on the other side of. Check out Gates staring into your soul below.

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