Kay Flock Lawyer Gives New Details In Homicide Case, Claims "Self-Defense"

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Jeffrey Lichtman
Kay Flock's lawyer said he would "fight to the death" for his client.

In December of last year, Kay Flock was arrested for the alleged murder of a 24-year-old man in New York City. The Bronx rapper has been in jail ever since, staying busy by releasing freestyles and posting updates on Instagram. It is clear he's fighting the charges hard, having hired the lawyer for El Chapo, Jeffrey Lichtman.

Now, Lichtman has released some new details about the murder Flock was allegedly involved in. According to Lichtman, the shooting outside of the Manhattan barbershop was an action of "self-defense," and that Kay Flock was presented with no other options. He also claimed that there is video evidence to back up his client.

Lichtman insisted that Flock was not the aggressor in the fatal incident. "It's all on video," Lichtman, adding that there is video footage that shows Flock "wanted nothing to do with the guy." "He waves him off," Lichtman continued. "He’s walking with a young woman and as shown in the video the guy is walking towards him in a very aggressive manner. He puts his hands in his pockets and Kevin is alleged to have seen the guy walking towards him aggressively with his hands in his pocket."

Lichtman has reiterated his commitment to Kay Flock repeatedly. In an appearance on Allison Kugel's Allison Interviews, the lawyer said that he will "fight to the death" for the drill rapper and that the case will go to trial and "be a battle." This isn't Lichtman's first time representing a high-profile member of the hip hop community. The attorney has worked with a number of rappers before, including The Game and Fat Joe.


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