Ezra Miller Accused Of Grooming Teen Since They Were 12, Alleges Parents: Report

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Ezra Miller
The parents claim that Miller "gave Tokata alcohol and drugs like marijuana and LSD." They add that Miller shows "cult-like" and "controlling" behavior.

This is not a good season for Ezra Miller as they continue to face scathing accusations. We've been reporting on the ongoing drama involving the Flash star, and it seemed to have begun with arrests in Hawaii. It was rumored that the actor was on the Big Island working on music, but hethey found themselves entangled with authorities after being arrested twice. In one instance, Miller was said to have exploded on bar patrons in a violent attack and in another, a woman reportedly accused Miller of threatening her with a chair.

Then, a producer shared that they were seeking legal action against Miller after the actor got upset and allegedly uploaded music to social media illegally. The producer claimed that he owned the rights to the music, and while that plays out behind the scenes, Miller is now being accused of grooming a teenager.

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According to several reports, court documents were filed with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Court and obtained by PEOPLE, showing that activits Chase Iron Eyes and his pediatrician wife Sara Jumping Eagle have accused Miller of "manipulating and controlling" their daughter Tokata Iron Eyes since they were 12. Tokata is now 18-years-old and they reportedly met the actor in 2016 when Miller visited a North Dakota Reservation.

PEOPLE reported:

"The parents allege Miller gave Tokata alcohol and drugs like marijuana and LSD as a teen and exhibited a 'pattern of corrupting a minor.'

"Chase and Sara said in the documents that Miller, through the Quiet organization with which the actor was affiliated, offered to pay for Tokata to attend college early at 16 at Bard College at Simon's Rock in Massachusetts. Miller 'would later use this against Tokata to create a sense of indebtedness,' the parents say in the documents."

Then, Tokata dropped out of school back in December so the parents went to visit them at Miller's Vermont home. They claimed that "Tokata didn't have their driver's license, bank cards or keys, preventing Tokata from leaving on their own accord." After "detoxifying" with their parents, Tokata once again left to meet with Miller where they traveled to several states including California and Hawaii.

"Chase and Sara say they are concerned for their daughter's safety and mental well-being, and that Miller displays 'cult-like and psychologically manipulative, controlling behavior.' They allege that Miller 'uses violence, intimidation, threat of violence, fear, paranoia, delusions and drugs to hold sway over a young adolescent Tokata,' according to the complaint."

Later, a lengthy message was shared on Tokata's Instagram stating that Miller has been nothing but loving and supportive. Tokata's parents reportedly stated that they do not have a phone and doubt Tokata penned the note. Check it out below.


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