Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens defeated the Cleveland Browns on Sunday night by a score of 16-10. It was a pretty weak victory for the Ravens who were expected to run straight through the struggling Browns. While Jackson had a solid night rushing the football, he was fairly weak when it came to passing. He ended up finishing the game with just one touchdown all while throwing a whopping four interceptions. Typically, that kind of performance leads to a loss.

On First Take this morning, Stephen A. Smith spoke out about the Ravens win and whether or not he trusts Lamar right now. As Smith went on to say, he doesn’t find Jackson’s performance indicative of good things to come, and he still wants to see consistency before believing in the Ravens QB.

Stephen A. Smith Doesn't "Trust" Lamar Jackson
Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for D’USSE

“I gotta see it to believe it,” Smith said. “I know that he is a phenomenal talent, we know that he’s en route to get ready to rush for 1,000 yards for the third consecutive year. No quarterback has done what he’s done already. I don’t trust him, not yet. I need to see you do it in the postseason. When you are the quarterback, I need to see you throw the ball accurately on a consistent basis.”

Smith’s take on Jackson is one that is certainly shared by fans. Jackson has only won once in the postseason thus far, and fans expect him to get better in that regard soon. With the postseason quickly approaching, Jackson will certainly have an opportunity at getting further than he’s ever been before.