The power of Eminem is undeniable. Despite working as a rapper for over three decades, he’s still going strong and breaking records. Not many have come close to the impact that he has had in music and while some hip-hop fans say that his music has not aged well, others are still shamelessly listening to the Detroit legend on repeat, racking up his streams on platforms like Spotify. According to ChartData, Eminem’s music has been streamed so much that he has broken yet another record at Spotify, officially having the most albums with over one billion streams.

In addition to being named Genius’ fourth-most searched artist of the year, Eminem is also breaking another record at Spotify as it has been revealed that eleven of his albums have reached over one billion streams, which is more than any other artist. 

Eminem Breaks Record For Most Albums With 1 Billion Streams On Spotify
Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Em did not react to his new record, but he was active today on social media, sharing a link to Horseshoe Gang’s new project Shady Past on Twitter. 

Who do you think will end up taking this record from Eminem, and how long do you think he will be the only holder of this title? What do you think about his domination on streaming platforms?