Fake Drake Reportedly Banned From Instagram For Impersonating Real Drake

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Izzy Drake recently offered to face off against the 6ix God in a celebrity boxing match.

It may be the end of an era for Izzy Drake. Champagne Papi's lookalike has been becoming bolder and bolder recently, but it appears that his antics may have gotten him kicked off of Instagram – according to DJ Akademiks, anyway.

On Saturday (July 2) the podcast host shared a report claiming that "Fake Drake was banned from Instagram for impersonating Drake!"

Friends and fans ran to the comment section to revel in the excitement. "Hallelujah," Druski wrote. "THANK YOU GOD HE GET UNDER MY SKIN," Fatboy added. "SUPER CORNY. I GET THE HUSTLE BUT HE DOING TOO MUCH."

In case you missed it, Izzy Drake recently challenged the Scorpion rapper to a celebrity boxing match on August 27th. "If I win, you gotta sign me to OVO and you gotta give me a million dollars. If you win, I’ll change my name," he said.

Since sharing that post, the doppelganger's IG page has, in fact, been taken down, and several other new ones have popped up in its place, though it remains unclear if Izzy is actually running any of them.

Though Drake and his knockoff linked up for a FaceTime call last month, it seems as though even he's grown bored of the antics, as he double-tapped a video of Izzy getting kicked out of Houston's Area 29 nightclub.

"Fake Drake can’t be in here, he’s got to go! So he’s gotta get his ass up outta here," promotor Chris Chizer told his security team in a clip that went viral at the time – read more about that here, and check out Izzy's challenge video for Drake below.


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