DJ Akademiks Previews New “Off The Record” Episode With Brittany Renner

The “Off The Record” host shared a clip from an interview with Renner.

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DJ Akademiks Previews New “Off The Record” Episode With Brittany Renner

Brittany Renner has had one hell of a 2021. 

After having a child with Charlotte Hornets power forward P.J. Washington, the two split, reportedly leaving Washington in shambles. The two went back and forth for weeks, with both parties firing digital shots at each other, and Washington claiming that Renner wouldn't let him see their child. Rumors swirled that Renner only had a child with Washington in order to secure some hefty child support, and after declaring it "stepdaddy season," Renner has been all over the place. 

DJ Akademiks Previews New "Off The Record" Episode With Brittany Renner
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First popping up at a Carolina Panthers vs. Miami Dolphins with the simple message, "Hide your sons," and then at Jackson State University with a similar, but more pointed message, writing "Hey Jackson State! Hide your sons." She received a ton of backlash for her message to the men of Jackson State, with many people pointing to its potentially-predatory nature, but Renner fired back, tweeting, "Yeah imagine someone 18 or older wanting to f*ck me and me wanting to fuck them so we f*ck…very outrageous! Call Chris Hansen NOW!!!"

Now, it appears Renner wants to fully address the last couple of months. 

In a tweet by DJ Akademiks, the Off The Record podcast host revealed that he sat down with Renner for an episode of his show, and included a clip of their conversation. 

During the interview snippet, Renner gets in depth about a couple of things, including why she feels she is portrayed the way she is online. 

"What you've done in private," Renner told Akademiks. "I've just maybe talked about publicly. I talked about having yeast infections and 'Oh I f*cked multiple guys in this...'"

Akademiks cuts Renner off and steers the conversation towards her relationship with Washington and his "anguish" over the situation, but it's clear that neither Ak nor Renner are afraid to talk about anything. It's yet to be seen if Renner's Off The Record episode will actually happen, as Akademiks seemed to ask his fans if he should release the episode or "toss it in the sewer," but if it does come out, it is sure to make huge waves on the internet because Renner has been a part of some messy situations and Akademiks revels in that sort of thing.

Will you be checking for the Brittany Renner episode of Off The Record if, and when it comes out? Let us know in the comments. 

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