There was a scene at a Los Angeles gas station earlier today (June 1) when filmmaker and activist Tariq Nasheed stopped by. The Los Angeles Police Department has a longstanding reputation for its officers’ unethical behaviors, and they were on patrol when Nasheed saw them at the station. There was a Black man standing near the entrance of the location’s market while several officers surrounded him from a distance. 

It looked as if there was an officer running the plates on a luxury vehicle parked at one of the pumps and on his way inside, Nasheed asked the man if he was okay. The stranger said yes as Nasheed remarked that the LAPD came out with “a lot of manpower” for one person.

<a href="/profile/desiigner" class="text-word" target="_blank" >Desiigner</a> Gets Into Shouting Match With LAPD, Calls Cop A "Racist B*tch"
Jamie McCarthy / Staff / Getty Images

Nasheed shared the clip on his Instagram page because he didn’t realize until after the fact that the man who was being detained was “Panda” hitmaker Desiigner.

“I was driving down the street here in #LA , and I saw the #LAPD surrounding this random brotha at a gas station,” he wrote in the caption. “The cops had their hands on their gun holsters, so I pulled over and walked over to the brotha to make sure he was ok. From what I gathered, the cops were following the brotha because he happened to be in a nice car.”

Meanwhile, TMZ offered details regarding what went down. According to the outlet, Desiigner was out and about when officers pulled him over “for driving without plates and tinted windows.” Once he was pulled over, the LAPD told TMZ that Desiigner exited his vehicle and approached the motorbike cop that stopped him. 

Things apparently took a turn when a shouting match ensued and the rapper called at least one of the officers a “racist b*tch.” A police officer threatened Desiigner by saying he could tow his car but the rapper didn’t mind, retorting, “I got money all f*cking day!

Watch both videos below.