Missy Elliott Beams After Lil Wayne Gives Her No. 1 Spot On His Top 5 Rappers List

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Missy Elliott, Lil Wayne
Weezy has always shown Missy love and after being asked to name his Top 5 rappers, he said: "It's always gonna be first Missy Elliott."

He has already gone on record years ago, saying that Missy Elliott is his favorite artist ever, but Lil Wayne apparently doubled down on his love for the Virginia icon. Back in February, we reported on Missy reacting to a resurfaced clip of Weezy chatting with DJ Khaled, and during the interview, the rapper detailed why Missy was his favorite artist. More recently, this week, Wayne caught up with the What’s Wright? With Nick Wright show and spoke about the acclaimed innovator once again.

Lil Wayne was asked to name his Top 5 rappers of all time, and immediately out of the gate, Missy's name was given.

Emma McIntyre / Staff / Getty Images

“It’s always gonna be first Missy Elliott. She’s a huge influence on everything I’ve ever done. JAY-Z is the best ever to speak. Biggie, obviously. Then I have the whole Goodie Mob. Then I have UGK.” The praise wasn't missed by Missy who once again took to Twitter to verbalize her gratitude for Wayne's repeated recognition.

"Whenever @LilTunechi says my name in his interviews twitter don’t have enough space for me tosay my GRATEFULNESS because he is a LEGEND himself who birthed many emcees after him[raised hands emoji]," she wrote. "[And] as a man to acknowledge me as a big influence 4 him I send you love WAYNE[purple heart emoji]."

It's always great to see artists show one another genuine love for years on end, so check out the clip of Wayne dropping his Top 5 and check out Missy's response below. 

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