18-year-old Natalia Bryant and her mother Vanessa are taking the world by storm after spending some time mourning the loss of their father and husband, Kobe Bryant. Most recently, the duo teamed up with prestigious makeup company Lancôme for a sentimental holiday ad that’s definitely effective.

“When was the last time we like, got ready together for something,” Natalia can be heard asking her mom as the ad begins. “It’s been so long,” Vanessa responds, before praising the Lancôme foundation that she’s applying to her face. “We can do like an everyday beauty makeup routine, or like, if you wanna do like a full-on glam look, you could do that too,” Natalia explains. 

Vanessa & Natalia Bryant Get Sentimental In New Holiday Makeup Commercial
Amy Sussman/Getty Images

The mother-daughter duo then has a more emotional moment, with Vanessa recalling a time from her eldest daughter’s high school years that warms her heart. “The first time I helped you get ready for prom, it was very emotional. Actually, it was your first homecoming dance. It was homecoming, and I think you came down the stairs, and I was in tears,” the mother of four told Natalia, who couldn’t wipe the wide smile off of her face.

“Cuz you’re all grown up, you know?” she continued, before the move on to talking about Lancôme’s mascara products. “You look fabulous, as usual,” Vanessa compliments Natalia, who can be seen wearing a glitzy gold dress that pairs perfectly with her mama’s stark red look. “So grown, I’m gonna cry,” she gushed while holding the young woman’s hand.

Just a few months ago, Natalia caught plenty of attention as she made her Met Gala debut. Check out a photo below.

Vanessa & Natalia Bryant Get Sentimental In New Holiday Makeup Commercial
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images