New Dave Chappelle Netflix Special "The Closer" To Be Released Next Week

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Dave Chappelle looks on at a UFC event.
Stand-up comedy's biggest star is set to return in less than a week.

Dave Chappelle is stand-up comedy's biggest and most important icon

His influence is apparent in so many stand-ups today and since signing a deal with Netflix rumored to be around $60 million back in 2016, Chappelle's return to the limelight has been impressive. 

New Dave Chappelle Netflix Special "The Closer" To Be Released Next Week
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In 2017, Chappelle came with three Netflix specials, Deep In The Heart Of Texas, Equanimity and The Bird Revelation. Each one was better than last and kicked off an insane Grammys run that included the 48-year-old going back-to-back-to-back, winning three consecutive Best Comedy Album awards.

His 2019 Netflix special, Sticks & Stones stirred the pot and ruffled feathers but in focusing on the existence and nuances of cancel culture, Chappelle navigated difficult subjects with a combination of elegance and crudeness only he could concoct. 

In 2020, Chappelle dropped again, this time at an outdoor show due to COVID-19. Titled 8:46, Chappelle spoke at length about the murder of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis and the disproportionate violence by police against African Americans in the United States. Featuring long stretches of serious dialogue and no comedy, Chappelle veered down a lane suited for his ability to introduce a handful of concepts and tie them together in a more-human, less-academic way. 

More than a year later, it has been announced that Chappelle's newest Netflix special, The Closer, is right around the corner. 

Dropping the special's release date and teaser video at the same time, Netflix took to their netflixisajoke Instagram page to relay the good news to fans, writing, "The Sixth Chapter is here. Dave Chappelle: The Closer out October 5th." 

It will be interesting to see where Chappelle goes with The Closer, seeing as how the world has taken even more crazy turns since 8:46 but one thing is for sure: if there's anyone who can make sense of the craziness that is living in 2021, it's Dave Chappelle. 

Check out The Closer's teaser video below and let us know if you're going to be checking out Chappelle's sixth Netflix special when it drops next week. 


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