Remember that time Dave Chappelle dealt with nearly a decade of hate and disdain?

"How could he leave behind his Comedy Central deal?" they said.

"What kind of idiot would run away from $50 million?" they said.

Yes, back in 2005, Dave Chappelle did walk away from a deal with Comedy Central that would have left him with $50 million. Was it an L for Chappelle? Perhaps.

Fast forward 11 years, it's 2016, and yesterday we reported that Dave Chappelle would be releasing three new comedy specials via Netflix. Incredible news, the masses roared, all was good in the kingdom of comedy. But now, in a beautiful turn of cosmic justice, it's been reported that Chappelle would be scoring $20 million for each one of those three specials. That means $60 million - Chappelle will be earning $10 million more than he would have made back in 2005.

Sometimes God is really really good. And by God we mean the GOAT, Dave Chappelle. Enjoy the Rick James sketch below to celebrate.