Casanova Reveals He's Been In Solitary Confinement For A Month

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The rapper continues to fight his case and recently shared why he hasn't offered any updates lately.

There have been several updates from Casanova or his loved ones since he was first incarcerated over a year ago. It was in December 2020 when the New York rapper was taken into custody related to several drug and racketeering charges and since that time, Casanova has repeatedly professed his innocence. He has shared his struggles from behind bars and made statements about people abandoning him in his time of need, and in a recent update, it seems that his difficulties continue to mount.

The rapper shared on his Instagram Story why he hasn't been as active lately.

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"I been in solitary confinement for like 30 days I hate it here!!" he wrote. "If you haven't heard from me that's why."

He didn't offer up an explanation as to why he ended up in his predicament, but Casanova has previously made it clear that he plans on beating his case. Authorities claimed that the rapper was an instrumental figure in the Gorilla Stone Nation gang—an accusation that he has vehemently denied. Casanova has also added his commentary to certain viral moments by telling rappers to stay out of the streets because as much as they may think they'll be able to do a bid, jail isn't where they want to be.

Check out Casanova's latest update below.

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