GRIP Recalls How Eminem Collaboration Came Together

GRIP recalls connecting with legends like Eminem and Big Rube during a conversation with Ebro Darden.

BYMitch Findlay
GRIP Recalls How Eminem Collaboration Came Together

Shady Records signee GRIP recently delivered his new album I Died For This?!, a project that has already received album of the year consideration in certain circles. As we see it, it's an entirely justifiable stance -- few projects are as conceptually cohesive as GRIP's new project, unsurprising given his status as a proud film buff. 

Today, GRIP took a moment to chop it up with Ebro Darden on Apple Music 1, where the pair discussed his new album, working with label boss Eminem for the first time, and linking with Atlanta legend Big Rube on "ENEM3?" 

"We had already started recording “IDFT" like January of 2020, right?" reveals GRIP, speaking on his experience working with Em for "Walkthrough." "So I didn't talk to Em and Paul until the summertime. I had the concept and everything… when I talked to Em I was on some shit like, “yo, if I sign, I need that feature my dog…" and he’s just like, “yo, bet."

GRIP Recalls How Eminem Collaboration Came Together
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"But then, everything just took so long," he recalls. "By the time we kinda realized that we were going to be able to throw him on the album, it was kinda like last minute, you know what I mean? It was one of them things, like we went into it hoping, but not knowing for sure. So It was one of the last songs that was added onto the album."

He also reflects on working with Big Rube on both Snubnose and IDFT?!, whose iconic voice has blessed the projects of many Atlanta-crafted albums. "I reached out to him 2018-2019 just on some like, regular shit," admits GRIP. "Like hey, yo, I got an idea for this song, this is who I am, I am from here, I grew up on ya'll shut.” I wanted to play him the album, so I had him come to the studio to play him Snubnose and give him the idea, right? So he’s like…'Damn, this sh*t dope as hell but, where you staying?'"

LISTEN: GRIP ft. Big Rube - "Enem3?"

"At that point I was staying like on the westside, I was staying at the west end, and I told him about the street name, he was like, “ ah n***a you could have told me to pull up to your house," recalls GRIP. "I stay like five minutes down the street!” So he just like a real OG down-to-Earth dude, man. I feel like his work and his legacy is important to keep it alive especially coming out of Atlanta, you know? So he’s just one of my favorites."

For more from GRIP, check out his interview with Ebro Darden on Apple Music 1 below, and our own interview with him right here

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