DaBaby Calls DaniLeigh “Side Bitch” While Sharing His Side Of The Story

DaBaby hopped on IG Live to clear up the situation, only starting more drama in the process.

BYHayley Hynes
DaBaby Calls DaniLeigh “Side Bitch” While Sharing His Side Of The Story

DaBaby has been doing some damage control this morning after a feud between him and his baby mama, DaniLeigh took over Instagram last night. Unfortunately for the rapper, things only seem to be getting worse.

When he hopped on IG Live to set the record straight, the 29-year-old detailed his side of the story in full, starting by affirming that the two are not together and "not going steady," even roping in his assistant to confirm that DaBaby does "not act like we're together." 

He also reveals what was happening behind the scenes ahead of DaniLeigh's birth.

"Baby three months in. Right when she was about to be born, I flew out to D.R. I ain't put it on the internet, I didn't do none of that ’cause it ain't about that with me. It's about the kids. If the kid is supposed to be mine, I'm there. This is all I know. I'm a stand up n*gga," DaBaby reveals.

He continues, "So, I go out to D.R., we out in D.R. Everything is everything. We do what we do. I come out there, I'm waiting on the baby to be born. I get my mama a flight. My mama gets ready to come out there. So once the baby is born, my mama can see the baby when she's born. We come out to D.R., we see the hospital, we see this and that. I'm already like...I don't really want no child of mine...It is what it is, but it's a different country. So, it's cool. I'm rocking to whatever beat."

"Shawty gets into it with her parents while I'm out there in D.R., me and my assistant. We out there. They got they whole thing going on. That ain't my business to be telling y'all. Long story short, they get into it. I tell my assistant to book the jet for the following day so we can get out of here. We ain't from here, we don't know what these folks got going on. Let's go. I'll come back to take care of my baby once she gets here. Right now, we gotta go." According to DaBaby, ultimately DaniLeigh did not feel safe delivering the baby in the D.R.

As DaBaby concludes his story, he says he flew DaniLeigh back to the States, and DaBaby called a private doctor for her to deliver the baby the very next day. Just as he starts to get into those details, stating, "I got get everything, you know? Everything the baby could possibly have I go get it," DaniLeigh appears in the background, seemingly trying to get in on the action.

WATCH: DaBaby's full IG Live rant about the situation with DaniLeigh

"I’m glad she walked up, cuz that shows that nobody was put out. Me calling the police, that’s like for my safety, cuz this is what I’m dealing with,” he says as the “Cravin” singer talks over him. “This the real deal cuckoo cocoa. Shawty’s not my girl, ain’t ever been my girl, is my side bitch. Shawty is a certified side bitch.”

DaBaby’s last comment got a clear reaction out of DaniLeigh, who quickly stormed into another room to get away from her baby daddy tormenting her. “She don’t want y’all to know she’s a side bitch, she got to save her face. You see how shawty went storming off when the truth came out,” the “THERE HE GO” artist continued.

The mother of one was quick to refute the side chick claims, sharing endless photos of her and her co-parent over the years, dating back to her being back stage at one of his shows in September of 2019. In the stories that follow, the duo can be seen laid up, goofing off, and seemingly spending a lot of their free time together.

“A whole side bitch, flew out his whole family and got me a crib, boat, cars, all that for my bday! For a whole sidechick,” Dani wrote over one of the snapshots. “Then left my ass when I got pregnant. Then got me back like a dummy. If that all is side chick behaviour bet… I was blind in love and dumb… But aye used to this man embarrassing me on the internet, all because he know he wrong,” she ended her rant.

DaBaby’s other baby mama, Meme, also got in on the drama, seemingly throwing shade at the 26-year-old with a post on her story, then later calling her out on some of her own wrongdoings in an Instagram video that you can check out below.

DaBaby Calls DaniLeigh "Side Bitch" While Sharing His Side Of The Story

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