The most recent celebrity feud to take over the internet comes from DaBaby and DaniLeigh, who welcomed their first child together just a few months back. If you’re all caught up with today’s headlines, you likely already know that on Sunday night, both artists shared statements to their social media pages after publicly bashing one another on Instagram Live.

According to the “Cravin” singer, her baby daddy attempted to kick her and her child out of his house after she had cooked for him. She says that DaBaby became upset after she ordered a Plan B to his condo, explaining that all he wants to do is “cum inside [her],” but fails to take any responsibility for his actions.

On his end, the “Babysitter” recording artist alleges that he had to record the altercation to ensure his safety, also mentioning that he’s “got a queen to raise” despite the drama, and that he’s “a father first.”

If you’re a long-time fan of DaBaby, you know that this isn’t his first bout of baby mama drama. The mother of his eldest daughter, Meme, hopped on her page to throw some subtle shade at DaniLeigh, prompting the singer to clap back. “Why every time I’m viral this girl wanna post about me???!!! U know where tf I am!!! I have reached out to u to be cordial plenty of times!!!”

DaniLeigh then told Meme that she didn’t steal her man, “cause he wasn’t yours,” then called her a “Charlotte hoe,” inferring that the rapper had also thrown the term around when talking about her. Later on, she responded to an Instagram post regarding the drama, suggesting that Meme pull up, prompting the latter to ask what hotel the former would be headed to. 

In the hours since everything unfolded, DaBaby’s other baby mama has given her take on the recent events. “All that I’m a bully, or I’m laughing at another woman’s pain, man, I don’t give a f*ck what y’all talking about.”

“I ain’t laughing at the situation, I’m laughing at you,” Meme indirectly said to DaniLeigh. “Because, baby, it ain’t fun when the rabbit got the gun. It’s crazy how the motherf*cker was turned, and that’s the moral of the story. It’s backwards for you to ever have a problem with any female he’s involved with, dealing with, you don’t have that right, you get what I’m saying?”

Meme then went on to say, “you knew what you was walking into when you walked into it” also adding that “spiritual warfare is real,” seemingly inferring that someone may have been doing love spells that ended up backfiring on them. “The shoe is on the other foot, and karma’s a bitch,” she said to the camera.

As her rant came to an end, Meme called DaniLeigh out for her use of the n-slur, also sharing that she doesn’t think the singer has come at her cordially, but rather, has been constantly attacking her both in public and behind closed doors. “Insecurity is a motherf*cker, projection is a motherf*cker. Y’all need to be careful who you get involved with,” Meme cautioned listeners.

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