Eve Doesn't Like That There Are "A Lot Of Clones" In Hip Hop Today

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The pregnant rapper spoke about what she loves and dislikes about the current state of Hip Hop.

After years of trying to conceive, Eve has revealed that she is pregnant. The Rap icon has been married to Maximillion Cooper since 2014 and has loved being a stepmother to his four children, but she has long wanted a child of her own. Days ago, we reported on Eve and Cooper's big announcement about their bundle of joy, and as she basks in her new phase in life, Eve has also been busy with a press tour.

Eve and her Queens costars have been jumping from one outlet to the next, and she squeezed in some time for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. The rapper learned of her pregnancy right before appearing on Verzuz with Trina earlier this year.

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"I am beyond happy. I need a new word for happiness," she said before Noah eased into Queens and its nostalgic setting in music.

"Well, 90s Hip Hop, I'm sorry, Hip Hop is great all the way all the time, but 90s Hip Hop, 2000s Hip Hop, there was a movement at that time," she began. "There was a pureness, there was a uniqueness. I think there was so many crews and so much, I don't know, the energy at that time was great. And that, for me with this show, if we can capture that, people who know about that time will love this show. Also, it's not just the music, it's the women."

Eve stressed the importance of women in the industry forming a "sisterhood" instead of being individualistic and needing to be "the only one" making moves. Noah asked her about what she envies and doesn't like about the current state of Hip Hop. Eve revealed that the best part of the genre right now is that artists "don't need a label, don't need a cosigner" to become successful. "I love that."

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“What I don't [like] is there’s a lot of clones. I feel like back in the day, uniqueness was celebrated. I think now there’s a lot of the sameness and that to me, I’m just like, meh. It makes it boring a lot of the time—for me. Not everyone! 'Cause there are some dope artists out that I actually really do love, but, yeah."

Her comments were received with mixed reactions, so check out Eve on The Daily Show and let us know if you agree or disagree.

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