Will Smith Is Venus & Serena Williams' Father In "King Richard" Trailer

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Will Smith, King Richard

The acclaimed actor shared the trailer to the film centered around Richard Williams and thanked the tennis family for allowing him to share their story.

We first received news about this biopic back in February 2020 and now the trailer for King Richard has arrived. Venus and Serena Williams have been tennis superstars for most of their lives, and while the California sisters have shared the story of their rise in sports for decades, we're now set to receive a film that centers around their father, Richard Williams. 

Will Smith portrays the dedicated father in the movie as Saniyya Sidney and Demi Singleton star as Venus and Serena, respectively. King Richard will reportedly highlight the family's humble beginnings in Compton, California as the journey into the sisters becoming two of the most recognized names in tennis.

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Smith shared the trailer to his Instagram page and was thankful to the Williams family for allowing him to share their story cinematically. "One of the greatest honors as an actor is to be able to celebrate someone’s legacy while they’re still here creating it," wrote the actor. "I’ve gotten to do it a few times in my career playing @ceoofhappyness and @muhammadali, and every time it’s a fulfilling and expansive experience beyond compare."

"Thank You Venus, Serena, Isha, Lyndrea, Yetunde, Oracene and Richard for letting us share your story with the World!" King Richard will be released in theaters on November 19 and HBO Max subscribers will be able to view the film on the platform for the first 31 days following its release. Check out the trailer below.

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