Everyone Is Laughing At A Video Of G Herbo's Son Yosohn Eating Oreos

Yosohn had an "Oreo ring" around his mouth after eating the entire box.

BYAlex Zidel
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G Herbo's three-year-old son Yosohn was trending on social media on Sunday night because of a video that the Chicago rapper posted, showing him taking care of his two baby boys. While comforting a crying Essex in his arms, G Herbo attempted to calm his children by telling them that they're heading to the bakery, but when he flipped the camera, all of his fans started cracking up at little Yosohn, who had just cleaned out a box of Oreos and still wanted more.

As Herb carried Essex, he told the newborn that they were headed to the bakery, which prompted Yosohn to comment. "I'm going to the bakery too," he said before the camera turned to him. Herb showed his son on the couch with a ring of Oreo crumbs around his mouth, focusing on the empty tray of cookies. 

"You not going to the bakery, eating all these damn Oreos," said the rapper in response.

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The cute video made the rounds last night and everyone was collectively laughing at Herb's sons, especially Yosohn, who just wanted some extra cookies. Clearly, G Herbo has his hands full as he takes care of his sons.

Take a look at the adorable video below and peep how people are reacting underneath.



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