Blueface Explains His Issues With 6ix9ine: "I Would Love To Whoop [His] A**"

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Blueface 6ix9ine
Blueface wants to fight Tekashi 6ix9ine after defeating Kane Trujillo in his celebrity boxing debut.

Blueface has a few opponents in mind for his next celebrity boxing match, but he really wants to step into the ring against Tekashi 6ix9ine. For the last few weeks, the two rappers have been trolling one another on social media. Their beef has resulted in Blueface's Instagram account being deleted from the platform after 6ix9ine allegedly reported him for bullying, and now Blueface wants to take their issues to the ring.

He's suggested on multiple occasions that he wants to fight the rainbow-haired rapper and after defeating Kane Trujillo in his celebrity boxing debut, his sights are still set on 6ix9ine. During his exclusive interview with us, in which he spoke about his fight, new restaurant, and new music, Blueface revealed that he's still eager to punch 6ix9ine in the face.

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"I would love to whoop 6ix9ine’s ass, for sure," said Blueface when asked who he would be down to fight following his Kane Trujillo bout. "Fuck the height difference, we weigh about the same. So let’s set it up, if not him, then someone else in my weight class."

6ix9ine has been dodging the fight so far, but Blueface is convinced that he'll eventually accept.

"I don’t see why [he wouldn't agree to a fight], you know?" he said. "He’s not doing much more than I am at this moment. It’s not like it’s more beneficial for me than him, and it’s not like it’s more beneficial for him than me. I don’t really care for the guy, honestly. It’s not like I have some sort of personal vendetta. I was minding my business and getting my little head tat and whatnot, he decided to comment and reflect on it. So this is the repercussion."

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The Los Angeles native is referring to the recent issues he's had with 6ix9ine. After getting a new head tattoo of his jeweler's business, 6ix9ine clowned Blueface and suggested that he must owe his jeweler money. After some back-and-forth, Blue's page was deleted and the rapper thinks 69 was behind it.

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