Yesterday was a huge day on Twitter as Joyner Lucas went on a massive rant about his business dealings with Karen Civil. Lucas claims he paid Civil $60,000 back in 2015 and that in the end, she never did the work he paid her for. Lucas was new in the music business at the time and he felt as though Civil was taking advantage of his situation. Civil clapped back claiming to have done the work for Joyner, as she noted that numerous people were contracted to do specific tasks.

Last night, Civil tried to clear the air as she went on Clubhouse and hosted a session in which she was confronted by Joyner who went off on the marketing strategist. Civil told Joyner that the process for public relations is a long and arduous one, and that is why Lucas didn’t see results come back right away. In the end, Joyner rejected this notion and claimed that he was scammed.

Perhaps the most damning thing to happen during the Clubhouse session is when Civil admitted to hiring a hacker to take down Jason Lee’s Instagram page. Lee says the page was hacked due to stories that Civil wanted to have taken down. Civil says she did, indeed, pay the hacker although she is very sorry for having done so.

The reactions to the Clubhouse were quite entertaining as many took to Twitter with their thoughts on the situation. While some are taking Civil’s side, there are plenty of fans who believe she has done some messed-up things that need to be held to account.

You can see those reactions, below.

Karen Civil Admits She Paid To Have Jason Lee's IG Hacked
Arnold Turner/Getty Images for The Coffman Agency