Kanye West Thanks Candace Owens For Backing Him In Kim K Feud

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Kanye West
Ye is back to praising Candace Owens.

Although Kanye West has been hoping to move on from his Kim Kardashian divorce with a new relationship, he still wants to be an active role in his children's lives. Recently, he has felt boxed out of this role, as he and Kim K's daughter North has been active on TikTok without his permission.

After he had aired this issue with Kardashian, she responded by asking Ye to stop trying to manipulate their relationship in his favor. She attempted to downplay the harm North's TikToks make, and said that Ye's approach to the divorce has made things difficult.

When catching wind of this, right-wing political analyst Candace Owens tweeted her agreement with West about a child North's age is too young for TikTok: "Kim is wrong on this one. The psychological effects of social media on young girls is real and documented. It's actually Kanye that is trying to protect his daughter in this regard and Kim is spinning this as 'obsession' and 'control'. There are other creative outlets for kids. There is no 8 year old in the world that needs social media. Go color."

Ye and Owens have had an up-and-down relationship, as Kanye has always had an admiration for Owens' opinions on the Black community, but they feuded when he insisted he did not assist with her #Blexit campaign. In this case, however, Ye responded on Instagram thanking Owens for supporting his stance: "THANK YOU CANDACE FOR BEING THE ONLY NOTEWORTHY PERSON TO SPEAK ON THIS ISSUE THERE’S A LOT OF CELEBRITIES SCARED TO SAY SOMETHING IN PUBLIC BUT THEY’LL TEXT ME IN PRIVATE AND SAY THEIR ON MY SIDE I WILL NO LONGER PUT MY HAND THROUGH A BLENDER TO HUG MY CHILDREN MY MOTHER TOOK ME TO CHICAGO WHEN I WAS 3 AND TOLD MY DAD IF HE CAME TO CHICAGO HE WOULD NEVER SEE ME AGAIN SO I BOUGHT THE HOUSE NEXT DOOR I DREAM OF A WORLD WHERE DAD’S CAN STILL BE HEROES."

Check out Ye's post below and decide for yourself whose side you are on.

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