The residual effects of Wack 100 and Tekashi 6ix9ine’s sit-down conversation are still being felt weeks later. The infamous Brooklyn rapper and the West Coast music executive attempted to find a common ground which seems to be their mutual disdain towards Meek Mill. Most recently, Meek called out Wack in an attempt to host a “gangsta meeting” alongside Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Wack 100 Fires Back At Meek Mill: "We Just Watched Him Get Marked Out"
Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

During a recent conversation on Clubhouse, Wack addressed the sit-down with Meek but he also had a few other things to get off of his chest. He claimed that Meek has been “ducking fades” as far back as his beef with The Game and also brought up that viral moment when 6ix9ine ran up on him.

“We just watched him get marked out. 6ix9ine marked the guy,” he said. “Don’t go talking about you an advocate for convicts, you weren’t even a convict. You did 110 days, your gripe is you been on probation 11 years, you ain’t do 11 years. F*ck out of here with that sh*t, n***a. You crying about being free on probation, n***a. You know what I’m saying? I ain’t lying.”

Despite seeming somewhat cordial with Tekashi, Wack also went in on Meek for being the “spokesperson as a 6ix9ine killer.”

“6ix9ine is not a police, my n***a, he’s a rat,” he said. “In the streets, things happen to rats. What the fuck is you talking about? He’s the police, n*gga? He worked with the police, that’s what made him the rat. And since he made himself the n*gga that wanted to deal with the rat when the rat pulled up on you aggressive, you was supposed to deal with that.”

Peep the full clip below.