Joe Rogan is a huge fan of Lil Nas X. During a recent episode of his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, the comedian shared that he doesn’t seek out guests, but then immediately remembered he has one exception–Lil Nas X. “I love that guy. I f*cking love that dude. I love what he did. I love that he had this big pop song that was a huge hit, and then he went full gay,” said Rogan.

In July of 2019, on the final day of Pride month, Lil Nas X opened up about his sexuality and announced he was gay. The news was initially met with backlash, but the “Old Town Road” star did not (and has not) let any negative criticism get in his way. In fact, he has strategically clapped back at every critic and hater on social media and creatively through his music, videos, and live performances.

In a dramatic response to his guest, Lex Fridman, Rogan describes Lil Nas X coming out moment as having the same effect as a cannon. “He came out like a f*cking cannon. But the music is great too. . .It’s not just he’s coming out of the closet, I celebrate the fact that he is able to be his authentic self, but it’s also the music is fun, it’s good music”. Like most Lil Nas X fans, Rogan is not only enamored by his talent, but also the shock value he brings to the industry. 

“He is himself now. He gets a lot of hate, but it comes with success. You’re gonna get people from all sorts of weird groups that are upset at you for all sorts of weird things, he’s a superstar,” Rogan added. Hopefully Rogan’s wish comes true and Lil Nas X accepts his invitation to be interviewed. 

Listen to Rogan express his love below and read more about Lil Nas X’s road to superstardom and how he deals with backlash as it relates to his sexuality here