Valentine’s Day vibes are in the air and Queen Naija has surfaced with her offering to those love playlists. Millions of people take to their favorite streaming services around this time every year to curate playlists that will be the soundtracks to a night of partying with friends, spending time with lovers, or flying solo dolo. Queen’s new single “Hate Our Love” may be inspired by real-life events as the public has often targeted her relationship with Clarence White.

Prior to its release, Naija teased the track by hinting that there would be a surprise feature and low and behold, Detroit emcee Big Sean makes an appearance. The pair of artists share lyrical space as they boast about their relationships why mocking those who attempt to put them at odds against their partners. 

Stream “Hate Our Love” and let us know if you’re feeling this one.

Quotable Lyrics

Every other day is a different story
Said they seen you out in public with a different shawty
Said you with me for the clout and you don’t really love me
While we sitting here laughing at all these f*cking dummies