G-Eazy lit up a joint and shared some peak celebrity memories in an interview, dishing on the time he saw Madonna twerking on Quavo at an Oscar party. 

The rapper described going to the Oscar night party while on an acid trip, and being “on the moon” hanging with his superstar peers.”I’m at the bar having a beer with Adam Sandler, it’s just that type of thing like Johnny Depp just walked in, Madonna over there twerking on Quavo, I’m like yo this is crazy,” said G-Eazy. 

Madonna released “Future” featuring Quavo off of her Madame X album in 2019. The track became the second promotional single to be released off the project. Madonna performed the track at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, with a surprise appearance from Quavo, despite the controversy surrounding the performance due to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 

G-Eazy Says He Saw Madonna Twerking On Quavo At A Party
Michael Campanella/Getty Images

Quavo, one-third of the hip-hop group Migos, recently broken up with Saweetie after more than two years together. The two were rumored to have gotten back together in August, but those rumors were quickly extinguished by a punchy tweet from Saweetie. Quavo has been less public about their relationship and more open to discussing other matters concerning his professional life. The rapper recently confirmed that he’s working on his sophomore album following the release of Migos’ Culture III album.

Watch G-Eazy’s interview below with the bit about the Oscar party starting at the 6:19 mark.