There have been plenty of documented incidents regarding airline employees acting in ways that could be considered racist or prejudice, and on Friday (July 16), Lyfe Jennings shared his story. American Airlines is under fire after the veteran R&B singer shared a video post to social media showing an interaction with a man who reportedly stopped Jennings after he lined up to board a plane. 

Jennings shared that the man was the second person to repeatedly ask him if he was in the right line because where the singer was standing was for first class.

Lyfe Jennings Accuses American Airlines Of Racial Profiling: "Sick Of This Sh*t"
Mike Windle / Stringer / Getty Images

Sick of this sh*t!!! lady asked me 4 times did I know this was the 1st class line I told her yes everytime,” Jennings wrote in the caption. “She told me to stop and talk to her. I told her get the f*ck out my face, I told u I can read and I know what line this is. She say you’re not flying but ofcourse I get my ticket.”

Once he got closer to boarding, a man appeared and asked Jennings if there was going to be a “problem on the aircraft” because he heard that there was a previous issue. “I tell him no he ask me 3 more times wtf??? Wasnt until I started recording that he let me get on the flight!” According to Jennings, this isn’t the first time he’s had such an encounter.

“I can’t tell yall how many time a white man or white woman has asked me to step out of line to ask if im supposed to be flying first class,” he said. “This sh*t is OVER!!!! DONT ASK ME SH*T!!!! I PAID FOR MY FLIGHT I KNOW WHAT LINE IM IN GET THE F*CKNESS GONE!!!! GO SPEND THAT SLAVE MONEY!!!!!”

Jennings called the experience “f*cking embarrassing” to be the only Black person in a line of White people who continued to be stopped by American Airlines employees. “Sh*t be depressing.” Check out his post below.