He accused the department store of racial profiling, but it looks as if Boosie Badazz's lawsuit against Dillard's has been tossed out. Back in 2017, Boosie claimed that security at a Dillard's department store in Biloxi, Mississippi profiled him and his entourage. While shopping, the rapper stated that a security guard, dressed in plainclothes, asked the crew to leave. An argument ensued and, according to Boosie, he and his friends were maced by the undercover guard. Not only that, but they were called the n-word, as well. A woman with him was reportedly 27-weeks pregnant with twins and the incident allegedly caused her to go into premature labor. 

Boosie Badazz, Dillards, Racial Profiling, Lawsuit
Bryan Bedder / Staff / Getty Images

Boosie Badazz later sued Dillard's and Weiser, the private security company hired to work for the store. Both Dillard's and Weiser denied the accusations of racial profiling, however, in 2019, Weiser and the City of Biloxi reportedly reached a settlement with Boosie out of court. The amount is undisclosed. However, Dillard's was ready to take the case to the courtroom, however, it's reported that Boosie's lawyer stepped down due to a "conflict of interest" and a judge told the rapper he needed to find a replacement within a few months. It doesn't look like Boosie didn't follow up on the judge's orders, because it's reported that the judge has dismissed the case altogether. Boosie has yet to respond to the news.