Karlie Redd’s Ex Mo Fayne Denied Jail Release, Feds Say He’s A “Menace:” Report

The former reality TV star’s jail release bid proved unsuccessful.

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Karlie Redd’s Ex Mo Fayne Denied Jail Release, Feds Say He’s A “Menace:” Report

Unfortunately for Mo Fayne, it seems like his legal troubles are far from over. Best known for his stint on Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta as the fiancé and eventual ex-husband of Karlie Redd, he has since made a name for himself for various money-laundering and fraud-related situations

He pled guilty this month in connection with a PPP loan fraud case after he was arrested last May on $2 worth of bank fraud charges. In exchange for the guilty plea, federal prosecutors dropped 14 other charges and shaved his recommended prison sentence down to about 12.5 years. As we reported, his defense team was working to get him released. According to TMZ, however, it ended up being a royal failure. 

The former reality TV star had a hearing on Monday (May 24)  in Georgia where prosecutors argued he should remain behind bars until sentencing for the federal fraud case he's already pleaded guilty to. Prosecutors argue that one, long before being arrested, he had already been searching for ways to escape prosecution by Googling which countries he could flee to without fear of being extradited. 

They also argued that he's an established fraudster who discussed scamming other people. They referred to him as a menace and a danger to the general public. The judge agreed with the feds regarding Fayne's search history, as well as allegations that he's bragged to a witness about not having to spend a single day in jail. 

Karlie Redd's Ex Mo Fayne Denied Jail Release, Feds Say He's A "Menace:" Report
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He's been locked up since December for violating the terms of his bond after allegedly contacting a potential witness in the case. He's set to be sentenced in September. As usual, we'll keep you updated. 

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