On their new joint track, “Payday,” Bando. and Isaiah Rashad are all about their money. The duo rap about bringing in the dough while trading verses over booming production.

“I need my bank doubled up, triplеd up, Westbrook probably be proud of me/Soon as my stock bubble know it’s up for anybody that doubted me/I’ma get pounds indeed, I just got mouths to feed/I done been ’round the block, I done put time in that, niggas ain’t clockin’ me,” Bando. raps with confidence as the song begins.

On Rashad’s verse, he raps about not talking to his boys on an everyday basis, but still getting money, and not talking to his “bitch” on an everyday basis, but still not having anyone else touch her. “Call up Jet put my face on the pack/Look like Tony when I’m making it stack,” he boasts.

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Quotable Lyrics:

Either you down or moving around
But please make up your mind shawty
I don’t got time for nothing but profit
What is you talking about, shawty?
Hop out my trap house shawty
Bando. got it on lockdown, top down, moving through the levels, hit the pedal when I go, go, go, go