If you’ve seen an increase in enigmatic captions to social media posts, it may be because R&B fans are grabbing Summer Walker’s Still Over It lyrics left and right. The R&B singer put her life on display, or more so, the crumbling of her public romance with former flame London On Da Track. He not only is the father of the singer’s daughter but he also acted as her collaborator, helming the executive producer responsibilities on her last album, Over It.

This time around, Summer is putting her disappointment and heartbreak on wax, and while the project’s songs are just one revelation after another, “4th Baby Mama” stood out to fans because it mentioned hitmaker Young Thug. This prompted Thugger to send Walker a message of his own when he popped up on social media to give her the middle finger along with a “f*ck you lol.”

On “4th Baby Mama,” Summer lamented over a man who continues to have children with several women while also neglecting his fatherly duties. It seems as if this dig was about London and not Young Thug, but she seemed to ask her ex if he was “trying to keep up with Thug” with the number of kids he has.

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Quotable Lyrics

Now what’s the point in keep on having kids?
If she just gone be raising them, that’s just pure laziness
Ion get it is you tryna keep up with Thug? Is you racing him?
Crazy how you really think that shit’s cute, be embracing it, oh
It really don’t get no worse than you, ’cause you ain’t even got the nerve, to stand up on yo word