Lil Wayne & Rich The Kid Explain Why They Dropped A Collab Album

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Lil Wayne Rich The Kid
Lil Wayne and Rich The Kid speak about why it was the right time to release a collaborative album, what Rich has learned from Wayne, and more.

Lil Wayne and Rich The Kid have officially joined forces, dropping a full-length collaborative album together, titled Trust Fund Babies. The project includes ten new songs, featuring a sole guest appearance from YG. The early standout from Trust Fund Babies has been "Feelin' Like Tunechi," for which the duo of rappers released a music video this morning.

With the album out on all streaming services now, Lil Wayne and Rich The Kid spoke with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, discussing why they decided it was the right time to make a full-on album, what Rich has learned from Wayne, and more.

"Man, it's exciting. I'm excited to get the response of the fans. I know they're going to go crazy when they hear it," said Rich about the new album. "First of all, Rich is like my little bro from day one, me and Rich had been rockin' for years and we always said we were going to do something," added Tunechi. "We might do a song here and there, but we locked it in, got in there, and said we put our mindset and did it. As far as, as much as I gave on that, I do that every time I do anything."

Touching on how Wayne has inspired him over the years, Rich said, "Even my inspiration from when I first started, even before I was doing music, I remember parts of my life where his mixtapes just got me through life. Like where I didn't know what I was doing, but his mixtapes and his music inspired me to go out there, hustle, and find a way to make it happen."

"Elevating everything, my brand, my music, my label," he continued on what he's learned from the legend. "It's always about elevating to the next level. Watching Tune and how he built his empire. I'm just learning from him. I'm just trying to elevate and learn more, and learn more, and get better at it."

Wayne also spoke about how he feels about inspiring the youth, saying, "Oh man, I don't think there's a, and I'm great with words. I don't think there is a word that can explain the feeling that I actually get. You know what I mean? Just the actual feeling, there's no word for that feeling. You can say grateful, thankful, I feel honored. But nah, it's a thousand, a million levels above that, when it comes to the actual feeling. Now I want to capitalize on something. Rich said, a lot of people always tell me how my music, my mixtapes, or certain songs or something, got them through a certain point in their lives. I want them to know. I'll never say it, but I always want them to know, me doing that song at that certain time too has got me through that point in my life as well."

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