They’ve worked on songs like “Can’t Let You Go,” “Superwoman,” and “4Ever,” so it came as no surprise that when she was working on “Shining Star,” Lil Mo reached out to her friend Fabolous. However, the track would later feature T-Pain and Fatman Scoop, and during her appearance on The Breakfast Club, Mo was asked about her current relationship with Fab.

“Personal, we gon’ always be cool. Like, we got time in. Like, before he was just spelling his name on Clue’s mixtapes,” she began. “I would say now, I’mma be honest. I sent him the record I got with T-Pain first, like two months before, and he ain’t get back!”

Mo added that Fab did text her back and said, “I got you, Mo.” She made sure to ask if he had to “check” first, and the singer claims he responded by saying that he wasn’t even going to charge her for the feature. “He ain’t get back and I felt some type of way in my spirit,” she said. “Before the pandemic, he was doing a tour and I was touring so we was gon’ link up, but you know, things happen and he just ain’t get back.”

She didn’t have time to waste so Lil Mo shot the song over to T-Pain who was more than happy to collaborate. “He sent it back like, three days later,” said Mo. DJ Envy chimed in to say that “Fab is a forgetful dude” and Lil Mo completely understood. “I know him, but I was just like… ‘Cause [it’s Fab],” she replied.

“Send me the vocals at four o’clock like Jay did Ye, the f*ck? You feel me? Or just, ‘Oh, sh*t! I forgot sis!’ I be forgetting sh*t, but I don’t forget my people.” Envy continued to defend Fabolous and said that friends could even just stop by his home because he’s approachable. Lil Mo made it clear that she doesn’t have any issues with her friend and she was just sharing a story.

“Listen, it wasn’t meant for him to be on it,” she continued. “I don’t have to feel a type of way ’cause at the end of the day, we have history. One thing I do know is that if he and I would have one an EP, because we have a lot of songs, the way people love like, Missy [Elliott] and [Timbaland], we have that chemistry and I’m never gonna let anything get between that.”

Check out a clip of Lil Mo on The Breakfast Club below.