Last month, tragic news broke that Frankie Lons, Keyshia Cole’s mother, passed away on her 61st birthday. As previously reported, Frankie was celebrating her birthday when she reportedly relapsed and subsequently suffered a fatal overdose. Keyshia Cole’s mother struggled with addiction throughout her life, and her long-documented battle was touched on in the 11:11 Reset artist’s BET reality show Keyshia Cole My New Life.

Keyshia Cole has recently broken her silence on her mother’s passing, and she candidly admitted that the experience has been extremely difficult. She also told her fans that she wished that she could “just feel bad” about Frankie’s passing, but she had several motherly duties that she needed to attend to. Now, it appears that Keyshia Cole was able to find a little bit of free time this weekend and truly mourn her late mother.

Keyshia Cole Mourns Her Late Mother: "I Wish I Could’ve Healed Your Pain"
Rick Diamond/WireImage/Getty Images

“I’ve dealt with a lot of “trauma” but this trams hurts the worst,” the Just Like You artist reflected in a tweet earlier this week. “Self healing is the toughest thing to do. And I hope everyone (including myself) learns how to self love, to get it.” 

Keyshia Cole then admits that she wishes that she would have been able to offer more help to Frankie in her long battle to sobriety, saying, “I wish I could’ve healed your pain.” Over a series of tweets, Keyshia Cole then touches on all of the things that she’s going to miss about her mother, and she also expresses her gratitude for all of the moments they shared together.

Check out the “Heaven Sent” artist’s heartfelt tweets below.

Rest in peace, Frankie Lons.