Kanye West is currently living at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta where he is finishing up his brand new album DONDA. Over the last few hours, West has been teasing fans with the new project as he is currently in the midst of doing an IRL live stream that depicts him in his small room in the stadium. The album is expected to be out by tonight, however, when it comes to Kanye, we all know anything can happen.

When Jesus Is King was released in 2019, Kanye posted a photo of himself in the studio with Dr. Dre, where he claimed that Dre would actually be producing Jesus Is King 2. While this project never came, West and Dre have remained in contact with one another, and now, it looks like a brand new collaboration between the two will be appearing on DONDA‘s tracklist.

<a href="/profile/KanyeWest" class="text-word" target="_blank" >Kanye West</a> & Dr. Dre Deliver Heavenly Vibes In "Glory" Snippet
Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

We know this because Beats by Dre just took to Twitter with a new commercial featuring Sha’Carri Richardson. This time around, the commercial features a new song called “Glory” which features production efforts from Dre. If you watched the Apple Music live stream two weeks ago, you would know that this is the song that kicked off the entire event. This time around, however, there are some added drums and verses. 


So far, the reactions to the snippet have been mixed. Some fans are loving the gospel sounds, however, the verses near the end of the commercial appear to be disjointed and disorienting upon first listen. Of course, the final product will sound a bit more fleshed out, although that doesn’t take away from the initial feeling the snippet provides.

You can see what people have to say about the new Dr. Dre and Kanye collab, below.