Wack 100 Wants Blueface & 6ix9ine To Fight: "It'll Be Good For The Culture"

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Blueface Wack 100 6ix9ine
Wack 100 predicts 6ix9ine would get knocked out in the first round if he fought Blueface.

The hip-hop community so badly wants to see Tekashi 6ix9ine get beaten up. The Brooklyn rapper has been the largest troll in the rap game for the last few years, dividing the public when he was arrested on RICO charges, getting out of prison early after snitching on all of his partners. While 6ix9ine's antics are generally pretty entertaining, the rapper remains on most people's bad side, but he doesn't seem interested in gaining favor, embracing his role as hip-hop's supervillain.

This week, 6ix9ine started antagonizing Blueface, who debuted a brand new head tattoo of his jeweler's business name. Assuming that Blueface must have owed the jeweler some money, 6ix9ine trolled the "Thotiana" spitter with some harshly-worded comments on Instagram. They've gone back-and-forth over the last twenty-four hours and Blueface has expressed interest in setting up a celebrity boxing match against Tekashi. Wack 100, Blue's manager, is down to see it go down, putting money on his client and predicting that 6ix9ine would get knocked out in the first round.

"@6ix9ine @bluefasebleedem was one of the #Violators whole lotta #smashing going on just ask Sarah," wrote Wack 100 on Instagram, sharing a video where 69 speaks about how he went into a rage and beat up his ex-girlfriend. "Now come take it out on him I got the bag bet you go to bed the 1st round — it’ll be good for the culture you owe the world redemption anyways."

There's no question that this would actually be pretty fun for the culture. People want to see Tekashi get punched in the face, and he would walk away from the fight with a million-dollar bag, so everyone wins!

Do you want to see Blueface vs. 6ix9ine?

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