Kwame Brown isn’t the only person upset with Charlamagne Tha God. Earlier this week, Brown made headlines due to a verbal spat he was engaged in with Stephen Smith and Matt Barnes. The Breakfast Club later weighed in on the controversy, and a few notable remarks were made by Charlamagne Tha God. The radio host brought up Brown’s family and their sordid history that allegedly involves domestic abuse and murder.

Brown returned with a message for Charlamagne, asking him why he found it necessary to bring up family members that he has no relationship with in order to paint him in a certain light. The former NBA player brought up the previous rape case against Charlamagne and vowed to find the woman who was reportedly involved, and Wendy Williams’s ex-husband Kevin Hunter jumped in with a few words of his own.

Wendy Williams's Ex Kevin Hunter Blasts Charlamagne Tha God
Ray Tamarra / Contributor / Getty Images

“I see we back to CHARLEMAGNE story telling time!” wrote Hunter on Instagram. “( salute to KWAME BROWN ) . . .after all the TALK I think it’s time to SHARE some REAL SCARY TRUTHS about an individual y’all really STILL no NOTHING about . .and DEFINITELY time to clear up the LIES . . .TRUTH IS POWERFUL. . and there is only one true God . . I REGRET the day I ever brought you around ANY OF MY PEOPLE . . “STORY TIME” ! . . the truth will BLOW YOUR MIND!”

Hunter wasn’t quite finished. “Me ex BEEN told me you was a piece of SH*T . . and i mean EARLY . . I was like nah this lil dude like my BROTHER, treated him like FAMILY  . . open my HOME . . let em live RENT FREE . .got em his 1st JOB & SALARY next to the QUEEN of NY RADIO in the #1 MARKET only for this F*CKBOY to act like an unappreciative piece of sh*t . . . time for TRUTH.”

Charlamagne hasn’t responded to Hunter’s posts. Check them out below.