After years of being the butt of every joke, Kwame Brown is fed up. The former first overall NBA draft pick is sick of hearing his name dragged through the mud and after Gilbert Arenas brought him up on the "All The Smoke" podcast, Brown has been on a social media rampage. He has expressed his disdain for the likes of Matt Barnes, Stephen Jackson, and even Stephen A. Smith, who doesn't seem to really care enough about the situation to respond.

Recently, Barnes told Brown that he should quiet down and blame Michael Jordan for drafting him first overall. Since then, Brown has gone back on the offensive, telling Barnes "The only joke you got is about basketball, I got a joke about your life, you punk bitch."

Now, Barnes has issued another response to Brown, and he isn't playing around. Essentially, Barnes wants Brown to get off of social media and get on "All The Smoke" where they can hash things out. Barnes even said that he would be up for a boxing match, if it ever had to get to that point.