Soulja Boy Takes Credit For Being The First Rapper To Have Fanta Jello

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Soulja Boy attends Spotify "Best New Artist 2019" event at Hammer Museum on February 7, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.
Big Draco adds another "first" to his brag sheet.

As seen in HNHH's recent interview with the SODMG artist, Soulja Boy is enjoying his latest comeback with his viral hit "She Make It Clap." However, that doesn't mean that he won't take the time to remind fans of his legacy as an early adopter and all-around influential artist. From TikTok and Icebox to game consoles and NFTs, Soulja Boy has argued that he's been the first rapper to do a lot of things, and now he's adding a jello-related achievement to his brag sheet.

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In a video recently posted to Instagram, Soulja Boy shows off two cartons of Fanta-flavored Snack Pack jello. Moving between the grape and orange flavors, Big Draco playfully jokes that he is officially the torch-bearer for the Fanta Snack Packs.

"Y'all ain't never had the Fanta jello, stop playing," Soulja Boy says in the video. "I'm the first rapper with the Fanta jello! I don't wanna hear nothing bout it from nobody. Never!"

While no other rapper is likely to contest Soulja Boy about being the first to have Fanta-flavored jello, it is worth noting that Desiigner, who recently appeared in Soulja Boy's music video for "She Make It Clap", once tried to break a world record for the most Jell-O eaten with chopsticks in 60 seconds.

Stay tuned for more Big Draco-related news, and read his full interview with HNHH here.

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