There's been a growing debate surrounding a potential Verzuz line-up between Bow Wow and Romeo Miller. The two child stars emerged around the same time to similar success in the rap game so it seemed like a fair pairing but Bow Wow didn't seem too interested in seeing that happen. "You sure you want this smoke? I see you calling me out," Bow Wow subliminally wrote on Twitter. Romeo responded with a more positive outlook on a Verzuz.

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Anyways, the other artist that many believed would be a great match-up for Bow Wow is Soulja Boy. Although they are friends in real life, Soulja Boy suggested that Bow Wow might be fearful of going hit-for-hit against him. "I feel like Bow Wow’s scared to do a Verzuz," said Soulja Boy during an interview with Tampa Bay’s Wild 94.1.

"You see when Romeo said something, he jumped right on it but as soon as they said Big Draco name, Bow Wow be quiet as hell making up all types of excuses, man. Bow Wow knows what’s up with me. Thar's my boy, though. I love Bow Wow," he said. "When it comes to Verzuz and all that, man, stop playin' Bow Wow. He knows what's up. That's why he said, 'Why I'mma battle Soulja Boy? We two different type of artists. I make music for the girls, he make party music.'"

Soulja Boy argued that although Bow Wow is correct in his assessment, he has delivered plenty of bangers for the ladies that he feels are on par with Bow Wow's records.

Check out Soulja Boy's comments below.