SZA recently came through with a new song called “The Anonymous Ones,” a track drawn from the soundtrack to the upcoming film Dear Evan Hansen. And while it’s not quite the album single that many fans have been hoping for, it’s still new SZA — and for that, we must be grateful.

Though it’s certainly been a while since the TDE singer impressed the world with her acclaimed Ctrl project, SZA has yet to lose a step. “The Anonymous Ones” certainly shines as a standalone track, but now, it’s gained additional emotional impact by way of an accompanying video. Centering around themes of loneliness, individuality, and isolation, the clip finds SZA singing her heart out only to be ignored by the hustle and bustle of society at large.

It’s certainly worth checking out for SZA fans, as the lengthy clip gives her ample time to let her presence and passion shine. We can only hope that she’ll be coming through with a concrete follow-up on her anticipated album, a project that will most likely spawn even more new videos upon its release. What do you think of this new video for “The Anonymous Ones?”