Nicki Minaj’s return has been swift and plentiful. The rapper hadn’t made a peep for some time, focusing on the birth of her newborn son, but decided it was the right time to shake things up again with a comeback this past Friday. This comeback was also a throwback, as it were, because Young Money’s first lady decided to take us back to her heyday and release her breakthrough mixtape, Beam Me Up Scotty, to streaming services.

And while not every original mixtape record made the streaming service tracklist version, she off-set this dilemma with some new music, too, for good measure. “Seeing Green” featuring her label cohorts Drake and Lil Wayne, proved to be the icing on the cake, and remains heavily-discussed since the Friday drop.

Nonetheless, beyond just the music, Nicki’s return has also revived her social media presence– she hadn’t posted a thing on her IG for months, and since the release of new music, has been sharing on her Instagram or twitter basically daily. New photos of Nicki had been hard to come by after she gave birth, but now she seems ready to show off her post-baby bawdy, stepping out in a black bikini, alongside a stack of other accessories, in her latest post.

In an homage to her single title, Nicki rocked her double C’s alongside her “Barbie” chain and a small selection of other jewlery for good measure (and by “small selection” we mean: anklets, bracelets, waist-lets (is that a thing?), earrings, rings, and even her Crocs got some of their own gems).

Check out her recent poses for the Gram below. Let us know if you here for the Nicki comeback. Azealia Banks certainly is not.