Summer Walker and London On Da Track are expecting their first child together, and it seems like their daughter will be arriving shortly. Earlier this week, the two posed for some ruby red pregnancy photos together and announced that they would be having a girl, sweetly referring to her as “Princess Bubblegum.” It looks like the two are really starting to prepare for the arrival of their baby girl, as they’ve already created an Instagram account for her under the username @1princessbubblegum.

There’s only one post up on the account so far, and it’s of a black loading bar, seemingly indicating that the couple are coming to the end of Summer’s pregnancy and the baby should be here soon. People were quick to point out that the username and the pink profile photo were likely a reference to the TV show Adventure Time, where there is a character named Princess Bubblegum. Many hoped, however, that they were not planning on naming their daughter Bubblegum.

i know you ain’t name that baby PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM… i know it for a fact,” one commenter said on the post. “Her name probably is bubblegum knowing how celebrities name their child anything,” said another. Some speculated that there’s no way Summer would name her daughter Bubblegum, writing, “Y’all do know princess bubblegum is from adventure time I don’t think they actually named that baby that it’s probably a nickname.”

We’ll likely get more news about the baby’s name once she arrives. Congrats Summer and London!